Useful Sites
What to do if you loose your pet
Having had a cat go missing for 3 days (thankfully he came home safely) I know how hard it is to think straight about what to do. The following organisations have lots of useful information and templates for missing pet posters. Most are free to use but some do charge. 
Dog theft is on the rise and this organisation is working hard to combat it.
If Bear and Bean are not able to meet your requirements there is a company in the Coventry area that I feel happy to recommend as they are the one I would use if ever I needed help with my pets. I have known  the owner for some years and both my own dogs and some of my foster dogs have used Sound Hound training services.
Sound Hounds
024 7640 5015

Dog Freindly Holidays
Really dog friendly accommodation owned and run by the fosterer of one of my own dogs
Grooming Services
Five Acre Communtiy Farm
Five Acre Farm is an organic vegetable farm founded in early 2012, based at Garden Organic in Ryton, between Coventry and Rugby. It is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme which means that the community shares the risk of the growing with the grower.

Members pay a monthly amount which covers the costs ofemploying a grower as well as everything else the farm needs such as the cost of renting the land, seeds, tools, insurance, help and advice from elsewhere, etc In return members get a share of the weekly fruit and vegetable harvest. There are also regular social events and the option to join a work morning and learn about growing fruit and vegetables from a professional.

I've been a member of the farm since the autumn of 2012 and really enjoy both working there and the great tasting fruit and vegetables. It's also encouraged me to cook more as each week you get the vegetables that are ready to be harvested rather than simply buying the same things week after week. The share also has a wider range of vegetables in the share than I would have thought to buy such as Kohl Rabi and Jerusalem Artichokes.

Tai Chi Classes
New to Coventry from March 2016 and run by a friend of mine from Five Acre Farm.