Single Household Mixed Pets Service
This is the service for a household that has a mixture of animals including a dog(s). You may be away for the day or at home and need some help because of illness or mobility problems. Please note that I am not able to board animals in my own home either for the day or overnight.
 Single Household Mixed Pets Prices

1 x 30 minute visit per day                             £10.00
For up to any mixture of 3 cats, hutches, cages etc and a 10 minute walk/play for the dog.

2 x 30 minute visits per day                           £16.00
For up to any mixture of 3 cats, hutches, cages etc and  30 minute walk for the dog.
1 x 60 minute visit per day                             £15.00
For up to any mixture of 3 cats, hutches, cages etc and  30 minute walk for the dog.

These are examples only, provided it fits into the time slot booked you decide on the combination you want.
I can visit your animals once or twice a day, a morning visit and one late in the afternoon/early evening. If only one visit per day is required I will try to make sure I keep to all morning or all afternoon visits but I cannot guarantee this.

This service is suitable for dogs that do not like to be walked with dogs from outside their own household. Having fostered dogs that have been abused by humans and attacked by other dogs I am very used to helping fearful animals to gain confidence and trust in the world again. Some dogs may need this service for only a few weeks or months as they gain in confidence around other dogs or recover their health, some may never become comfortable with a large range of dogs though they may develop a small group of trusted friends.

If you have a puppy that can't go out yet, an older dog or one recovering from illness or injury or a bitch in season then I can let them out in the garden for a toilet break and play with and fuss them. I'm happy to work with you on any positive training methods. If necessary I will also towel dry them and wipe down wet or muddy coats and put them to dry. I can freshen water bowls, feed your dog(s), administer any medication if necessary (apart from injections) and clean up any accidents in the house and any poo in the garden. 
Dog walks usually start from the house and if there is one nearby we head for a green area or park but either way all walk routes are varied to keep them interesting and the pace is matched to be comfortable to the age and energy levels of all the dogsin the household. All dog poo is picked up in biodegradable poo bags.

This is also a service for those owners who would like to come with their dog(s) for either part or all of the walk. You can decide whether you want to do this on a walk by walk basis. 

Dogs are only allowed of the lead with the written permission of the owner (which is asked for at the initial consultation) and only then once I feel I have a secure enough relationship with your dog that I can safely recall them.

I will also refresh water, feed and clean out any hutches, cages, litter trays etc according to your instructions as well as play with and generally make a fuss of your pet(s). I can administer any medication (apart from injections) as well. If you are away for the day I can then send you a text and/or photos to let you know all is well.
I've owned and/or cared for animals including cats, caged birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish. For other animals that I have no previous experience of I am happy to care for them according to your instructions and text and photo daily updates.
I can look after your home as well. I can move post out of sight, put bins out on bin day and water plants both inside and out. If booked for 2 visits a day I can also open and close curtains and switch lights on and off.
I can also hold house keys so that if you go away frequently or have to go away at very short notice you can simply contact me and I’ll step in and take care of your pet(s) and home.