Pet Visiting
This service is designed for people who need their pets looking after whilst they are away for anything from a day to an extended holiday.
​​Pet Visiting Prices

1 x 15 minute visit per day                                £6.00
2 x 15 minute visits per day                           £11.00
For up to any mixture of 2 cats, hutches, cages etc

1 x 30 minute visit per day                             £10.00
2 x 30 minute visits per day                           £16.00
For up to any mixture of 5 cats, hutches, cages etc

​1 x 60 minute visit per day                             £20.00

By leaving your pets at home whilst you go away you eliminate both the stress of travelling and taking them away from their familiar environment as well as the health risks associated with boarding; they will not come into contact with strange animals or be exposed to contagious diseases. Employing Bear and Bean is a great alternative to asking neighbours or friends to keep looking after your pets.

I can visit your animals once or twice a day, a morning visit and one late in the afternoon/early evening. If only one visit per day is required I will try to make sure I keep to all morning or all afternoon visits but I cannot guarantee this.
I will refresh water, feed and clean out any hutches, cages, litter trays etc according to your instructions as well as play with and generally make a fuss of your pet(s). I can also administer any medication (apart from injections) as well as text and/or send daily photos so you know your pets are fine.
If you have a puppy that can't go out yet, an older dog or one recovering from illness or injury or a bitch in season then I can visit them in your home, let them out for a toilet break and play with and fuss them. I'm happy to work with you on any positive training methods. If necessary I will also towel dry them and wipe down wet or muddy coats and put them to dry. I can freshen water bowls, feed your dog(s), administer any medication if necessary (apart from injections) and clean up any accidents in the house and any poo in the garden. I can then send you a text and/or photo to let you know all is well.​

Please note this service is not available for dogs that will be left alone overnight. I am happy to recommend Fat Dog and Friends for boarding dogs.

I can look after your home as well. I can move post out of sight, put bins out on bin day and water plants both inside and out. If booked for 2 visits a day I can also open and close curtains and switch lights on and off.
If you’re delayed returning home that I can continue to care for your pet(s) and home until your return, just text, email or call to let me know. 
I can also hold house keys so that if you go away frequently or have to go away at very short notice you can simply contact me and I’ll step in and take care of your pet(s) and home.