Pet Taxi
If your pet needs to get to an appointment and you don’t have access to a car then the Pet Taxi is the service for you. The Collect and Drop Off service will collect you and/or your pet and drop them off at a friend’s house, boarding kennels etc. The Appointment Service will collect you and/or your pet and take them to appointments such as the vets or grooming parlour. If you are with your pet I can either wait and return you home once the appointment is finished or I can come in with you if you’d prefer.
  Pet Taxi Prices (within Coventry)
Collect and drop off
£5 + 40p per mile
Appointment Service
From £7.50 + 40p per mile.
I can give an estimate of the cost of  an Appointment Service beforehand, p;ease contact me for more information.
For journeys outside Coventry please contact me for a quote
If I am taking your pet to an appointment such as the vet or a grooming parlour then please make arrangements to pay them and please let them know that I will be bringing the animal rather than their owner. For vet appointments in particular please make sure that either you or another person who can make decisions regarding any treatment for your pet is contactable by phone in case the vet needs to speak to you. 
Please check on availability before booking any appointments as this service often books up well in advance. Please note this service is not for emergencies.
If a dog or cats owner is not coming with them I must meet the animal beforehand so they are familiar with me. There is no charge for this.
Dogs will travel in a crate if their owner is not with them. If their owner is with them then they can travel in a crate or with a seat belt clip
Please ensure cats are ready in their carrier when I arrive to collect them.