How to get Started

The first step is to contact me with your requirements and I’ll send you an estimate of the cost based on your description, and if required a copy of the terms and conditions (via email or post). If you’re happy with these I'll arrange to meet you and your pet(s) at your home for a free, no obligation chat to make sure I have understood you requirements exactly and tell you the cost for the service decided on. I'll also show you relevant documents such as business insurance and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).

If you’re then happy to book us we’ll complete the  client form to make sure that I have
important information such as your personal and emergency details, vet details, your pets’ likes, dislikes and any medical conditions etc.  All information is confidential.

It is helpful if you can read through the form before we meet for the first time, so you can get together information such as your pets micro-chip numbers and vaccination certificates.

It looks like a lot of questions but it’s designed to give me as complete a picture as possible of your pet(s) so they find me a safe and comfortable person to have around.
For dog walking services, if you would like to do a short walk to see if your dog is happy being walked by me then I'm happy to do so.
Finally I’ll take a key to your home if needed and go through any alarm system.

Please be aware that Bear and Bean continues to walk dogs in woodlands all year round. Following the latest vetinary advice regarding Alabama Rot I rinse dogs legs, paws and tummies with anti-bacterial scrub after any of these walks. 


Please also be aware that like many dog walkers Bear and Bean do not require dogs to have kennel cough vaccination in order to use their services though both my own dogs and my foster dogs have it. I do wash my hands with antibacterial wash between different clients’ dogs. If your dog doesn’t have kennel cough vaccination there is an increased risk of contracting kennel cough the more they are around other dogs who also aren’t vaccinated (this applies to anytime your dog is around other dogs and not just when they are with their dog walker). Bear and Bean reserve the right to not walk your dog if they are showing symptoms of any illness including kennel cough in order to protect the health of other dogs. Please check with your vet if you are unsure about how kennel cough might affect your dog.

Please also see the                                                               
Terms and Conditions