Ella the Bear
Just 5 1/2 weeks old and the first time I saw her.
8 weeks old and her first week in her new home. A real, live teddy bear.
4 months old and growing fast. Her coat changed so much over her first year.
3 months old and she's learnt to sit. 
5 months old and loving the snow.
An elegant pose. Notice the dirty line on the wall - she slept like this a lot.
6 months old and looking a lot like an adult now. Her behaviour however ----
The stump on her right was a very large scratching post and she'd pinched the loo roll out of the bathroom.
From 8 weeks to 10 months old.
Convinced she can reach the treat in the tunnel.
2 Years old and stunning.
A very gentle, patient bear.
Badger diarrhea (trust me about this) means a wash and one sulky bear
Such a gentle face.
A senior lady now but how stunning is she!