Dog Walking
Small Dogs, Small Groups, Big Adventures

Dog Walking Prices
30 minutes
1 dog                                                                                             £7.00
Each extra dog from the same household on the same walk £3.50

60 minutes
1 dog                                                                                             £10.00
Each extra dog from the same household on the same walk £5.00


Group walks are for dogs that are generally sociable with other dogs. I only walk small and medium sized dogs (roughly up to the size of springer spaniels) and I only walk small groups so that I can give each dog plenty of attention.*  I aim to match the groups by temperament and activity levels so all the dogs can get the pace of walk they enjoy.​​ 
​How it Works
Over about 30 minutes the dogs for each group are collected and driven to a nearby green space for the walk. All the dogs are individually crated in the van for their comfort and safety

​​​I use several different locations for walks and as far as possible I rotate them through the week so the dogs get plenty of variety.

Some examples are The Memorial Park, Canley Ford, Hearsall Common, Wainbody Wood and Allesley Park.
​The walk only begins once we get to our destination so you are not being charged for the time your dog spends travelling. They are GPS tracked on my phone and I send you a screenshot of each walk.
​​Dogs are only allowed off lead with the owners permission and then only once I feel I have a good enough bond with your dog(s) to safely recall them.​​
​After the walk all dogs are rinsed clean and towel dried if wet and/or muddy. Any coats and leads can also be wiped and put somewhere in your house to dry. I can't get them dog groomer clean but I can stop them leaving the worst of it in your house and I use my own towels so you don't have damp towels waiting for you when you get home.
​​I check and refresh water bowls when we return and if required I can also feed your dog(s).  Finally I settle them with a treat and tell them to try to be good until their owners return.
​​Once the days walks are over I email each owner with a short message, photo/s and a screenshot of the walk.

* Although most of the dogs I walk are small or medium sized there are a couple of larger dogs I have walked for a long time who are older and very gentle so I continue to walk them with the smaller dogs.