Bear and Bean DINOS dog walking group Coventry
DINOS - Dogs In Need Of Space

DINOS are good dogs, they just need space. This is not a failing it's who they are and what they need their humans to create for them as much as possible.

They might need space from:
  • other dogs
  • unfamiliar humans
  • both of the above

Dogs can be DINOS for a variety of reasons:
  • Medical: illness, injury, surgery or rehab
  • Training: learning to walk well on a lead or ignore distractions
  • Behavioural: fear or reactivity

Any dog can become a DINOS at any time so don't let others judge you or your dog. Some DINOS can become relaxed around unfamiliar dogs and/or people, maybe just a select few they know well or maybe unfamiliar dogs/people generally. Some never do. If in doubt ere on the side of caution and do not inadvertantly put your dog in a situation they can't cope with.

The aim of this group is to provide a clearly structured walk that gives each dog enough space to cope with the presence of the other dogs and people on the walk even if they are not 100% relaxed. I also hope that members will be able to share experiences, advice and support with each other and maybe meet up for walks outside of the group.

Please note that whilst I am an experienced dog owner and dog fosterer and a proffesional dog walker I am not a qualified dog trainer. I am happy to recommend Sound Hounds in Coventry for group or one to one training as they are the company I have used for my dogs and my foster dogs.

For more inormation please use the contact page or email [email protected]