Client Form - Dog Walking


Tel No                                                                                         Mobile No

Email                                                                                           Alarm code

Contact details in case of an emergency if different to above

Relationship to you

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Vet details: 

Phone No

Pet Details
Name/nicknames                                                                                                            Age             

Microchip number/s

Proof of up to date vaccinations                         Yes?

For the wellbeing of all clients pets if your pet becomes unwell do you agree to notify Bear and Bean as soon as you realise if we are due to visit your house for any reason                Yes?

Kennel Cough. Do you accept that Bear and Bean walk dogs that may not have an up to date kennel cough vaccination and that your dog may be walked with them?        Yes?

Alabama Rot. Are you happy for your dog to be walked in local woodlands throughout the year? Following the most recent veterinary advice I rinse dogs legs and paws (and tummies if needed) with anti-bacterial scrub                     Yes?   

Is your pet spayed/neutered?     Yes  /   No     If female unsprayed roughly when is next season due?

Special requirements/Medical details (include any medication being given, when it is given)

Any known allergies?
Allergen -
Treatment given previously –

Service agreed on
Duration of service      ½ hour     1 hour       
What date is the service required      From                                        To

Price per walk      £   .    

Can I give your dog treats?          Any kind                      Certain kinds only (please list)

Are you happy for your dog to travel in the car to a nearby park?     Yes   /   No

Is your dog sociable with other dogs?         immediately           after meeting them a few times

Do they have problems with certain breeds/size/colour of dogs?

How do they react if they see a cat or squirrel etc?

Do they try to eat scrap food or poo when being walked?

Can you dog be let off the lead when out on a walk?    Yes   /   No

Is your back garden secure to let dog out off lead?     Yes   /    No

Does your dog have any fears (eg traffic, children, pushchairs, other dogs on lead/off lead)?

Are there any other behavioural problems your dog has?

What commands do you routinely use with your dog/s
If pulling

to calm them if frightened/encourage them to walk on

Do you want me to feed you dog(s)     Yes    /     No
If yes how much are they fed?

Where do you want wet leads/coats putting?

Do you want photos of your pet to be emailed to you on each visit?         Yes   /   No

Do you want a screenshot of the walk route to be emailed to you on each visit?   Yes   /   No

Do you agree for Bear and Bean to use any photos they take of your pets on their website and Facebook page and for other promotional material? Only first names will be used and no information about where the animal lives.       Yes   /   No
Would you like a copy of this completed form sent to you?      Yes   /   No
If yes would you like it sent by    post      email

For one-off services
An invoice will be issued the day the service is provided and must be paid within 7 days.

For regular services you can be billed   weekly     fortnightly     monthly

Would you rather be billed by       email                 post  

Invoices must be paid within 14 days of issue.

I hereby give permission for Bear and Bean to hold the above nformation and to have access to my house and to provide the agreed services to my pet. The commissioning of Bear and Bean to carry out these services constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the business. Full list available online or in writing by request of the client.

Clients Name

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