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Dog Walking
Small Dogs, Small Groups, Big Adventures
Suitable for small to medium sized dogs (ie up to around Springer Spaniel size) that are generally sociable with other dogs *

Prices from £7.00
Visiting Dogs That Can't Go Out
Visiting puppies, older dogs and those recovering from illness or surgery.
Prices from £10.00   
Pet Visiting and Home Security
Visiting cat, birds, fish, small furries etc whilst their owners are away.
Priices from £6.00
Bear and Bean offers a mature, experienced and professional dog walking, cat and pet sitting service to people in and around Coventry. My aim is to make sure that owners can go to work or go away safe in the knowledge that their pets are being loved and cared for in the way they wish and to minimise any stress their pets might feel.

If you are at home but are unable to look after your pet in  the way you want to because of illness or mobility problems, then I'm happy to help in the way you feel best suits you. 

Familiar Routine
You and your pets will have contact with the same person every time, I want to become a familiar and welcome part of your pets routine. As a failed fosterer of cats (I adopted them) and a fosterer for Blind Dog Rescue I know that each animal has its own likes and dislikes, fears and enthusiasms and that they all need to be treated as the individuals they are.
Dog Walking
Bear and Bean do not walk large groups of dogs. I walk a maximum of 4 dogs together and only walk small and medium sized dogs*. I always try to match dogs by temperament so the quieter ones aren't overwhelmed by the boisterous ones and the boisterous ones don't get too bored!
All dogs are provided with water and (with their owners permission) treats on their walk, and are rinsed clean and towel dried if necessary before being returned home. I am also happy to work with you on any positive re-inforcement training you are doing with your dog. I pick up all the poo generated on our walks and only use biodegradeable poo bags.
Pet Visits
The Pet Visiting service means your cats and other small animals can stay in familiar surroundings whilst you go away. I can top up water bowls, feed and clean out litter trays, hutches etc, and most importantly give them some fuss. I can also visit puppies who aren't going out yet, older dogs or those recovering from surgery or illness.
I know you'll be thinking of your pets while you're away from them so I take photos on each walk or house visit and email them to you together with a short note. 
GPS Tracked Walk
All walks are tracked on my phone and I can send a screenshot to you after each walk. It shows the length and route of the walk so you know you are getting the walk you paid for.​​
Free 'Pets at Home' card for all customers completed with your information and laminated.
Please take a look around the website and if you would like any further information you can contact me on [email protected], on 07866 725 322 or by using the form on the Contact Bear and Bean page.
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I look forward to hearing from you.

I have training in human and animal first aid and carry first aid kits. Bear and Bean is fully insured (via Cliverton). I have held an enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check since 2006 and also have the newer DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. 

Bear and Bean is registered under the Data Protection act and will only collect the minimum amount of data from you necessary to carry out my responsibilities to you effectively. I will not share this information with anyone unless legally rquired to do so, I will not send you promotions from third parties and I do not use cookies on the website. I also comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations.

* Although most of the dogs I walk are small or medium sized there are a couple of larger dogs I have walked for a long time who are older and very gentle so I continue to walk them with the smaller dogs.